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151 Brookhollow Esplanade, New Orleans, LA 70123 (United States)


With over a half-century of experience and thousands of installations worldwide, Petrotech provides customized control system solutions in a full-service turnkey package, from engineering concept to installation, commissioning, and customer support. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA and serving customers across the world, we are able to meet worldwide safety and electrical protection regulations. When you work with our team, you don't just get a product, you get a solution.

Products & Services

ROTATING MACHINERY CONTROL SYSTEMS for the following applications: Gas Turbine driven Generators/ Compressors/ Pumps, Steam Turbine driven Generators, Hydro Turbine driven Generators, Reciprocating Engine driven Generators/ Compressors/ Pumps, Refinery De-coking Systems and Multi-Phase Pump Controls, and Balance of Plant Controls. Our main focus is aftermarket upgrades, but we also support a number of OEM's with new equipment. The primary markets that we represent are Power Generation, Oil & Gas Pipelines, and Refineries.


Target Market


  • GT11N/N1/MXL
  • GT13E/E2/MXL
  • GT8/8C
  • Steam Turbines

General Electric

  • 10
  • 6B
  • 7EA
  • D11
  • Frame 5
  • LM2500
  • LM5000
  • LM6000
  • LMS100


  • 501D5/D5A

Pratt & Whitney

  • FT4
  • FT8


  • 501D5/D5A


  • Centaur 40 & Centaur 50
  • Mars 90 & Mars 100
  • Mercury 50
  • Saturn 20
  • Taurus 60, Taurus 65, & Taurus 70
  • Titan 130, Titan 250, & Titan 350 (35 MW, 39 MW)

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