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Turnkey engineered products and services for gas plant outage support including intakes, exhausts and HRSG's.

Products & Services

SVI BREMCO is a family of companies providing turnkey engineered products and services for gas plant outage support to repair, replace or upgrade so you can pick the best approach to meet your project goals.

Turnkey HRSG outage support – if it doesn’t spin, we can work on it:

From CT exhaust expansion joint to the HRSG stack damper and everything in between! Including:

• CT exhaust plenums, diffusers and flex seals

• Exhaust diffuser and HRSG inlet duct liner upgrades

• Turning vane upgrades to reduce maintenance with CFD analysis to validate improved aerodynamics

• AIG retrofits and catalyst replacements

• Emergency tube repairs and turnkey harp replacements

• Duct burner retrofits and liner impingement repairs

• HRSG door upgrades

• Gas path baffle and tube sheet brace repairs

• Attemperator replacements

• High Energy Piping and penetration seal replacement

• HRSG stack false floor and drain upgrades

• Structural stack inspections and replacements

• HRSG stack damper repairs and replacements

• HRSG stack silencer and vent silencer upgrades

• Turnkey valve service for safety, control and manual

o In-situ and shop repair, setting, testing and certification of sections I & VII safety valves

o In-line valve seat replacements

o In-line valve diagnostics and testing

o Mobile boilers and machine shops for steam safety valve on-site support

• HRSG stack damper installation and repairs

In house HRSG Engineer – no OEM bias for solutions that meet your project goals.


Target Market

General Electric

  • 6B
  • 7EA
  • 7FA
  • 7HA/9HA
  • Frame 5
  • LM2500
  • LM5000
  • LM6000
  • LMS100


  • 501D5/D5A
  • 501F
  • 701F
  • FT8

Pratt & Whitney

  • FT4
  • FT8


  • 501D5/D5A
  • 501F
  • 501G


  • Centaur 40 & Centaur 50
  • Mars 90 & Mars 100
  • Mercury 50
  • Saturn 20
  • Taurus 60, Taurus 65, & Taurus 70
  • Titan 130, Titan 250, & Titan 350 (35 MW, 39 MW)

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