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1400 94th Street, Bloomington, MN 55431 (United States)


As a global leader in the filtration industry, we pride ourselves on our innovative technologies and solutions, backed by a talented and dedicated team of employees.


We have filtration systems to protect large turbines (up to 1.2 million cfm/2 million m3/h), small turbines, compressors, microturbines, and everything in between. Today, you can find our equipment in use in virtually every gas turbine application, including Power Plants, Oil and Gas Delivery Systems, Refining and Processing Machinery, and Air Separation Plants, for both new and retrofit projects.

Donaldson provides engineering expertise, unrivaled operations and maintenance support, and an extensive portfolio of first-fit and aftermarket products with the value and convenience of an industry-leading, single-source supplier.

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Creating clean air systems for the turbomachinery industry since the 1980's

Gas turbine systems provide much-needed power in some of the most challenging environments around the world. From gritty, sand-swept deserts to humid, salt-air seaside locales, gas turbine systems are relied on to provide instant energy during base-load shortages and peak demand periods – regardless of the climate.

As a gas turbine process owner, you understand the impact the environment can have on your equipment's performance, efficiency, and condition. Seemingly insignificant changes to air temperature, humidity, and wind direction can lead to extraordinary issues. Without effective filtration of moisture, particulates, and other contaminants from your turbine’s air intake system, the only thing being generated will be maintenance requests.


For decades, Donaldson has been helping customers address their gas turbine system challenges by providing complete filtration solutions. Donaldson was one of the first companies to manufacture engineered air intake and pulse system components for gas turbines and industrial compressors and that innovation continues today.

After years of working with gas turbine customers in nearly every climate and condition possible, Donaldson has identified three key pillars that support selecting the ideal filtration solution for an operator’s specific situation:

• Efficiency (Er)

• Watertightness (W)

• Pulse Recovery (P)

Donaldson can refer to a solution matrix and easily identify the most appropriate filter and media configuration based on the operator's requirements for each feature. This practice helps ensure our customers can realize the following outcomes:

• Higher filtration efficiency

• Lower operating intake pressure drop

• Greater moisture control

• Reduced maintenance

• Enhanced noise attenuation


Target Market

General Electric

  • 7EA
  • 7FA
  • LM2500
  • LM6000


  • 501D5/D5A
  • 501F
  • 701F


  • 501F
  • 501G
  • 701F

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