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Apt Crowd hosts the private online forums for the 501F Users Group, 501D5-D5A Users Group, 501G Users Group, and AOG (Alstom) Users Group. Our innovative approach provides better answers, faster.

Products & Services

Apt Crowd hosts the private online forums for the 501F, 501G, 501D5-D5A, AOG (Alstom), and FT8 Users Groups.

Our forums offer a seamless user experience across desktop and mobile devices. Users can begin a post on their desktop then walk out to the plant to add pictures and complete the post from their smart phone.

For vendors, we offer highly-targeted advertising services that improve brand awareness and lead generation.

Online Forum Software for User Groups


Apt Crowd hosts modern online forum software for user groups. We support and host the online forums for the 501F, 501G, 501D5-D5A, AOG (Alstom), and FT8 Users groups.

If you are employed by a company that owns or operates one of these units, please consider joining the group's forum.

Advertising Services


Apt Crowd offers innovative advertising solutions to vendors in the power generation industry. Advertising in our user group forums is a smart strategy, particularly for reaching highly engaged, niche audiences. It offers a blend of targeted visibility, community trust, and direct customer engagement that can be hard to replicate in other channels.

Follow the link below to request more information and pricing details.


Target Market


  • GT11N/N1/MXL
  • GT13E/E2/MXL
  • GT24
  • GT26
  • GT8/8C
  • Steam Turbines


  • 501D5/D5A
  • 501F
  • 701F
  • FT8

Pratt & Whitney

  • FT4
  • FT8


  • 501D5/D5A
  • 501F
  • 501G

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Chad Boschert

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